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Bar Prep Head Start

Posted by mcgeorgebarprep on March 9, 2016

The spring term is notoriously crazy (for everyone, professors and students alike!). On top of all of your law school commitments, the specter of the bar exam looms not too far in the distance (four and a half months in the distance, to be exact). While your first priority should be your classes and earning that walk across the stage in May — and while you’ve technically been preparing for the bar exam to some degree since your 1L orientation week — there are some steps you can take now to give yourself a head start on your intensive summer preparation.

First, keep it manageable, especially if you are carrying a substantial credit load this spring and/or have work or other commitments.  You may have your commercial course review materials now, but you will not be able to memorize the entire Property outline this weekend; instead, set a weekly goal for yourself that is more feasible. For example, you might read five pages of that outline, or the section on, say, mortgages, and make a few flash cards or start a flow chart. Alternatively, you might plan to practice with ten MBE questions and make flash cards for those rules instead. If you set a goal now to take about thirty minutes each week to make ten flash cards, you would have over 100 by graduation.  Pretty impressive!

Whatever you choose, get into the habit now of scheduling it.  Block off that time on your calendar, and stick to that appointment.  It will be good practice for how you should operate this summer once you have your commercial course homework schedule.

Small steps today can take you a long way toward being one and done this summer! If you’d like to discuss anything related to your bar prep in person, please don’t hesitate to email me to set up an appointment.


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