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For Those Not Celebrating Yet

Posted by mcgeorgebarprep on November 23, 2015

While we are so happy for everyone who found out that they passed the bar this weekend, we are mindful of those whose results were not what they hoped. If that applies to you, please remember: Just like your practice exam scores did not define you, these results do not define you or your ability to do great things in your legal career!  Granted, this is an incredibly disappointing, frustrating, time-consuming bump in your road…but that is all it is: one obstacle that you absolutely CAN overcome. (A simple internet search reveals the great company you’re in — a prior Dean of Stanford law, mayors, governors, Attorneys General…and that’s only the CA bar!)

You are welcome to come to an informal meeting for those planning to retake the exam:

  • Monday, November 30
  • 5:30 p.m.
  • Jury Room (next to the Courtroom; walk through the glass door in the breezeway and down the hallway to your right, and it’s at the end on the right, near the copier)

The purpose is just to get together for support, to discuss potential next steps, and possibly establish some study groups moving forward. If you have your scores by that time, you are welcome to bring them with you.

You also may contact Courtney Lee individually at (please include the “1”) and send her your scores, and she will share some re-taker-specific resources and review your scores to see if they suggest any particular strategies.

If you are postponing your results celebrations until May, I hope to see you next Monday evening in the Jury Room.  Either way, I can’t wait to see the wonderful places you are sure to go after you navigate this speed bump!



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