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Stay focused and stay positive!

Posted by mcgeorgebarprep on July 15, 2015

Great advice from Benjamin Alba (Director of Academic Support, Student Advising, & Bar Passage at DePaul College of Law):

“Stay focused.  Use your stress management strategies.  Stay mentally tough.  Recognize that you have invested hundreds of hours of intensive study into this.  All (or nearly all) of the rules you have been diligently memorizing will NOT suddenly fall out of your brain.  A positive attitude will maximize your performance.

Staying positive is also a big key to surviving the next two weeks and passing the exam.  If your performance on the practice exams is not exactly where you want it to be, identify the specific topics (e.g., res ipsa loquitur, not just “torts”) in which you are weakest and focus on closing the knowledge gap.  Now that you have finished your commercial review course, you can devote all your time to memorizing rules and doing practice questions without new material constantly being dumped into your brain, and your performance will improve.  No matter how prepared or unprepared you may feel, expect a great sense of uncertainty in the exam room – this is NORMAL among nearly everyone who passes.

These last eight weeks have marked a period of tremendous professional and personal growth for you.  In the end, you want to walk out of the exam room feeling that – no matter what the outcome – you did your very best to prepare for the bar.  You shouldn’t ask for more than that.  This attitude went on to serve me well in my former litigation career, especially after arguing a motion, trying a case, or writing an appellate brief.

Keep up the momentum.  Keep pacing yourselves.  You can do this.


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