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Mindful Meditation for the Bar Exam Playlist

Posted by mcgeorgebarprep on July 8, 2015

After talking with some graduates, I (Courtney Lee) decided to record some of the guided meditations we did this summer, plus a couple of new ones, and make them available to anyone preparing for the bar.  Please note that these were not recorded in a professional studio with high-tech equipment, and I am not a certified meditation instructor (yes, those do exist!). I tried to create sessions in manageable time blocks (most are around 10 minutes long), and I geared them specifically to the bar exam.

Meditation is personal, so although I tried to craft concepts and visualizations that apply to most bar applicants, you might not relate to all of them.  You may even not care for the sound or cadence of my voice.  If for any reason these do not work for you, you are welcome to adapt the ideas for your own, individual practice.  Of course you also can just meditate in silence and focus on your breath; you do not have to think about the bar exam to reap benefits that might boost your performance there. See this earlier post for some other available research and links, or simply do a search online, where there are a multitude of free resources.

You can find the bar-specific guided meditation recordings here.  I hope they are helpful in preserving your peace, focus, and sanity, and as always, I wish you all the best.


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