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The Only Way Out is Through

Posted by mcgeorgebarprep on June 25, 2015

You’ve been at it for a while, and all the excitement and adrenaline surrounding graduation has diminished.  You’ve been diligently attending lectures, filling in bubbles, and even the sequence of your dreams follows IRAC format…but lately it seems like you’re thrown into a new substantive topic long before you feel comfortable with the previous one, and you wonder whether you’ll ever be given a moment just to come up for air.

You are not alone! Everyone studying for the bar exam hits this wall. Some hit it now, some later. You just have to take a deep breath and keep your eyes on the prize, and you will climb over that wall. You still may have moments of frustration and exhaustion, but you WILL overcome it.

Just keep going, and do not give up!  “Give up” obviously means ceasing your preparations altogether, but it also includes cheating.  You cheat when you take more than 60 minutes to write an essay or three hours to complete a PT, when you peek at the answer before (or while) writing your own, when you just issue spot when you know you should be simulating, when you reference your outlines when writing your answers, or when you complete MBEs at the expense of writing practice (you certainly should practice MBEs, but doing so is not a replacement for writing simulation, even though it feels like you’re being productive).  Some of these tactics might have been acceptable early in your bar prep, but as we get closer to Go Time, it’s time to let them go and “train like you fight.”  Cheating, especially at this stage of your bar prep, is a horrible idea — no matter how inadequate you may feel right now, or how tempting it is to submit a beautiful essay or PT answer for grading just so you can see a reassuring, high score.  Do not delude yourself into thinking that cheating is still bar prep and therefore is helping you, because it isn’t.  June is almost over, and now is the time to face reality and force yourself to slog through the tough stuff.  The more you do so, the more you’ll improve.  It’s no fun, but the only way out is through!

Practice is called “practice” (not “perfect”) for a reason, and the more mistakes you make now, the fewer you will make when it counts.  During bar prep, mistakes are cause for celebration, not avoidance!  As hard/boring/discouraging/etc. as this journey is, you graduated from McGeorge and you’ve got what it takes to make it.  Believe that, because we certainly believe in you!

Just keep going.  You’ve got this, and we’re very proud of each of you!


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