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An Antidote for Mindlessness

Posted by mcgeorgebarprep on January 31, 2014

This is one of many articles supporting a mindfulness practice (meditation, yoga, etc.) in order to manage stress and maintain focus — two things vital to passing the bar!

Key quotation:  “[A]s the semester dragged on, the control group performed worse than they had originally, while the students who received mindfulness training became more accurate and focused. [The mindfulness] regimen, it seemed, wasn’t just a way to get better; it was a way to keep from getting worse.

Mindfulness training . . . may work as a protective factor against the typical stresses of student life—or any stress, for that matter, since it improves emotional equilibrium and enables people to better handle distractions.”

You might consider a simple meditation practice as you move into Bar Month this weekend.  Each morning, take five minutes to sit quietly and focus on your breathing.  Banish any outside thoughts — just focus on your breath.  It takes so little time, and provides so many benefits.


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