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Help for Repeat Takers

Posted by mcgeorgebarprep on November 18, 2012

While I am very happy for our graduates who passed the July ’12 exam, I know that the news received Friday night was not positive for everyone.  If that applies to you and you’d like to try again, take heart and know that you CAN do this

If you are planning to regroup and pursue the February bar exam, you will find that there are lots of often-confusing options available for repeat-takers.  Please feel free to send me an email at (do not forget the “1”), and I will share information about reputable tutors and programs that have received positive reviews from other McGeorge graduates.  Please also include a scan or photo of your scores if you have them (just the part with the numbers is fine) or type the information into the body of the message so I can see if there are any specific courses of action that I can suggest. 

I know you are reeling and might not feel up to thinking about next steps, but the sooner you can arm yourself with information and create a plan of attack, the better.  Remember, not passing the bar does NOT determine whether you are intelligent or whether you will be a great attorney — just ask the Dean of Stanford Law School!  Moreover, this exam is a big deal, but it is not everything.  Trust me; I lost my mom last week, and I would fail the bar 50 times if it meant I could bring her back. 

The campus will close Tuesday evening for the Thanksgiving holiday, so I might not be able to respond until next week, but I will respond.


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