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General Tips

Posted by mcgeorgebarprep on June 18, 2012

This is a short blog post written by a colleague last year and intended to give some general advice to bar applicants in their final days of study.  It really applies to any period of bar prep, however — and while none of it should sound unfamiliar, sometimes hearing it from another source helps.  (Note:  “MPT” refers to the Multistate Performance Test.  CA has its own version that you recognize as the “PT.”) 

One of my favorite tips:  “Remember that memorization is necessary but without practice, memorization is futile.  Memorize, practice, and evaluate your progress.” 

Practice really does make perfect on the bar exam.  I know it’s scary to begin writing practice exams before you feel like you know the material, but PRACTICE ANYWAY!  The most common repeater comment is, “I didn’t write enough practice exams.”  No one has ever complained that s/he wrote too many!  Simulate the exams as if they were the real thing whether you feel ready or not.  You will be a better bar taker for it. 

Speaking of PRACTICE, remember that you have the opportunity to turn in a PT for extra feedback on Monday, June 25.  This is not part of your bar review homework schedule, so please plan accordingly.  Hard copies are available in the Academic Success Resource Center in NW Hall, and submission instructions are available here



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