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Self-Review and Additional Feedback

Posted by mcgeorgebarprep on June 2, 2010

One of the most — if not THE most — important things you can do to prepare for the CA Bar Exam is to simulate practice exams.  Simulating practice exams has the combined effect of helping you improve your formatting, time management, organization, and, of course, your grasp of the substantive law.  

Simulation is incredibly, unbelievably, vitally important.  You cannot expect to complete a marathon simply because you read a lot about running; you must get out and train.  Write your answers out — do not just issue-spot!!  Abide by the 60-minute (essays) or three-hour (PTs) time limit.  Write them out.  Outline your answers for 10-15 minutes (essays) or 90 minutes (PTs) before you begin.  Write them out.  Read the sample answers and compare them to your own (which you wrote out).  Did I mention that you need to write them out?  

 Okay, so now that you know how important it is to simulate practice exams, do you know what to do with them after you’ve written them?  Do you know how to really use the sample answers to your advantage?  Something that may help you is a T-chart, like this one:  Issue Comparison Chart

Two very common mistakes among bar repeaters are (1) not spotting issues, and (2) not using enough facts in the analysis of those issues.  Use a chart like this one to carefully and methodically compare your practice exam answers to the sample answers.  What issues did the successful applicants spot?  What facts did they use?  How do they compare to yours?  You should also pay close attention to formatting:  how did they use headings?  Were their answers easier to follow while reading quickly than yours ?  If so, why?  

Coming Soon:  Extra Feedback!

Starting later this month, in addition to submitting exams to your bar review company for feedback and reviewing your own exams, McGeorge alums may also submit certain exams to us for additional feedback.  Please check back soon for an update listing these exams and their submission deadlines.


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